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micha cárdenas in Autonets dress designed by micha cárdenas and Ben Klunker
jovan-new-hoodie-3-crop Jovan Wolfe in Autonets hoodie designed by micha cárdenas and Ben Klunker autonets-saopaulo-5
Autonets: We Already Know and We Don’t Yet Know, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics VIII Encuentro, São Paulo, Brazil, January 2013, with Micha Cárdenas, Alessandra Renzi, Frantz Jerome, Benjamin Lundberg, Lily Mengesha, Aisha Jordan, Joana Fittipaldi and Tomaz Capobanco, photos by Macarena Gomez-Barris

Find Each Other :: Local Autonomy Networks at Zero1 Biennial in San Jose
micha cárdenas, Allison Wyper, Karen Anzoategui, Bianca Molina, Ezak Perez, Jovan Wolfe and Alison Reed, photo by Karl Baumann.

Calling all Artists, Hackers and Activists: From a Free Software Movement to a Free Safety Movement, Click Here for More Information

Local Autonomy Networks (Autonets) is an artivist project focused on creating networks of communication to increase community autonomy and reduce violence against women, LGBTQI people, people of color and other groups who continue to survive violence on a daily basis. The networks are both online and offline, including handmade wearable electronic fashion and face to face agreements between people. Autonets considers how movement is a technology and how dance and performance can be used to develop networks for community based responses to violence. The Autonets networks are being established through a series of workshopsperformances, presentations and discussions at art, activist and academic venues in the Americas and Europe. The project was started by micha cárdenas but is rapidly expanding into an ecology of networks involving many artists, hackers and activists.Autonets includes a line of mesh networked electronic clothing with the goal of building autonomous local networks that don’t rely on corporate infrastructure to function, inspired by community based, anti-racist, prison abolitionist responses to gendered violence. The Autonets garments are still in prototype stage, yet when completed, they will be able to alert everyone in range of the the local mesh network who is wearing another Autonet garment that someone needs help and will indicate that person’s direction and distance.

These technologies are being developed through workshops and collective design processes, inspired by existing networks of horizontal knowledge production in queer, transgender, survivors of gender violence and diasporic communities. We have done workshops based on Autonets to reduce violence against genderqueer and trans people of color in LA, prevent disappearances in Bogotá, Colombia, reduce harm against sex workers in Toronto and facilitate queer youth of color to avoid violence in Detroit. Autonets is fashion hacking for social reorganization, recoding the meaning of fashion symbols such as hoodies that have associations ranging from Trayvon Martin to the Black Bloc, or femme fashion elements like dresses and bracelets, into symbols of connectivity and autonomy.


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April 24, Lima, Peru
HASTAC 2014, Hemispheric Hackitivsm

January 16, Toronto
InterAccess 30th Anniversary


November 13, Toronto
Autonets Convergence Toronto

August 14, Berlin/Hamburg/Lüneberg
Autonets Berlin/Lüneberg – The Safe Itinerant
July 6-August, Germany
Artist in Residence, Post Media Lab

April 19 – July 21, Amsterdam
Transcreen: Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival, art exhibition “Lost & Found Transgender Image Making”

July 2, Toronto
Autonets Workshop with Maggie’s

June 20-23, Detroit
Allied Media Conference
May 2-4, Milwaukee

Plenary, Dark Side of the Digital

May 8-13, Montreal, Quebec

Keynote, Differential Mobilities Conference 

May, Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Future Media

April 19, Los Angeles
Congress on Research in Dance

April 26, Lüneburg, Germany
Post Media Lab: Don’t Forget the Archives! Symposium


Feb 13-16, New York

College Art Association

January 11-20, São Paulo, Brazil

Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics VIII Encuentro, performance and workshop

January 29 – Feb 2, Berlin

Transmediale BWPWAP

April 6, Los Angeles
Trans-Anarchism: A Night of Trans Performance, Highways Performance Space
May 9-11, Los Angeles, CA
iMapening at USC
June 8, Irvine, CA
Punk Ass Queers
June 28, Detroit, MI
Allied Media Conference Opening Ceremony
July 14, New York, NY
Hackers on Planet Earth
July 21, Los Angeles, CA
Hot and Bothered, by CUCCI LA
August 11, Riverside, CA
Ladyfest IE
September 14, San Jose
ZERO1 Biennial

November 8, San Francisco
San Francisco Transgender Film Festival


November 10-14, Montreal, QC
HTMlles Feminist New Media Festival
November 15, New York City
MIX Queer Experimental Film Festival

November 15-18, San Juan, Puerto Rico
American Studies Association Annual Meeting

November 22-24, Lüneberg, Germany
Transmediale PhD Research Conference